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It is suitable to depalettize stacked boxes on pallets even at different heights. 

Height: maximum 2400 mm
Installed power: 3 Kw – 50 Hz – 400 V
Air consumption: 80 Nl / min – 6 bar
Average production: The average production varies according to the various formats of the boxes and can reach up to about 1200 boxes per hour

Equipped with an evacuation conveyor with adjustable speed for shelves with 6 boxes or 7 boxes.
The machine can contain 2 platforms: one on the right and one on the left of the evacuation conveyor.
In addition to this feature, the operator can select a box mixing system, taking a part of boxes from one pallet and the other from the other, or picking up only from the right or left pallet.



Photo gallery di DIC-900

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