LEG-100: Strapping machine


Production: about 50 pallet/hour

Electric power installed: 2,2 kW – 50 Hz – 400 V

Air consumption: 35 Nl/min.-6 bar

The LEG-100 is a strapping machine designed for the horizontal strapping of palletised products.

The level of strapping is adjustable and the strap can be applied to one or more layers of packs according to the necessary stability.

The power supply system of the strapping machine is motorized.

It is equipped with a special device for self-centring of the welding head in relation to the pallet.

Strap tension up to 120 kg.

Suitable strap: Width: 9 mm to 12 mm – Thickness: 0.65 mm.

Extremity tightening: by thermo electric welding.

The machine is designed for the strapping of pallets size 80×120, 100×120 and 120×120.

Maximum pallet height: 2600 mm.


Note: The maximum electric tire consumption and output of the machine has to be considered variable, depending on several factors including: the model and the quality of box and packaging, the type of products and consumables used and the ability of the operator.



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